BVOR – Dutch Association of Biowaste Processors

BVOR represents the majority of professional bio-waste processing facilities in the Netherlands. Our members process biowaste into valuable biobased products such as compost products, solid biomass and biogas for bio-energy production as well as other innovative biobased products (e.g fibres, proteins and compost teas). Together, the member companies process approximately 2 million tonnes of green waste and 1 million tonnes of household & commercial biowaste annually, thereby representing about 80% of the total Dutch market.

BVOR’s core activities include lobby, the operation of an organic resources knowledge centre, and a networking platform for its members. BVOR is also scheme holder of three certification schemes: the ‘Keurcompost’ certification scheme, the Dutch certification scheme for the treatment of diseased wood and invasive species, and a certification scheme for soil-compost mixtures. At a European level, BVOR is an active member of ECN, the European Compost Network.

BVOR has longstanding experience in developing and holding practical courses on compost related issues. Throughout the years, the ‘compost operator’s course’ and the ‘compost certification course’ have been valued highly by course participants. BVOR is now making these courses available for interested parties outside the Netherlands. For more information, please contact us at