Meer focus op compost nodig van Europese Commissie

ECN (European Compost Network), waar de BVOR ook lid van is, is tevreden met de erkenning van het belang van hoogwaardige recycling in relatie tot een effectieve afvalscheiding, maar raadt de Europee Commissie aan om te focussen op maatregelen die het gebruik van hoogwaardige compost promoten.

Zo is te lezen in het ECN Press Release:
After years struggling to get the Commission on board, ECN welcomes recognition that ‘high quality recycling relies on effective separate collection of waste”. On the other hand, ECN
warmly recommend the Commission to focus more on measures that effectively promote uptake of high-quality recycled compost in products to decouple growth from resource use.
Today the College of Commissioners of the European Union discussed and adopted the new Circular Economy Action Plan which should set a framework to reduce waste, deliver clean
material loops, increase recycling capacity and get secondary raw materials market working, interalia.

Although 14 Member States will not comply with the recycling target for 2020, bio-waste operators recovered 11.7 million tonnes of compost between 2016 and 2017, which roughly
amount to 129 thousand tonnes of nitrogen (N), 42 thousand tonnes of phosphate (P) and 3.5 million tonnes of organic carbon. Such figures could easily double, if uncompliant Member States
achieved the European recycling targets.

Separate collection of bio-waste from households will become mandatory in 2023, following correct implementation of the provisions of the Revised Waste Framework Directive. ECN
welcomes the proposal to “harmonise separate waste collection systems, taking into account regional and local conditions”, and stands ready to provide valuable know-how to improve every
country’s separate collection capacity.

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